Hosting How-to, Chapter 1 – Getting Started:

How to Own, Create, and Run Your Website – The Requirements and what you will need

to know about getting started hosting your own website:

  1. Your Domain Name (the name for your site).
  2. Web Hosting Services Provider [MegaHost Corporation ®].
  3. Follow our Hosting how-to guides and learn all you need to know.
  4. Get to know how to handle every hosting and server situation.


On this Hosting How-To page, you will find detailed guides and instructions. We will

cover various aspects of hosting such as cPanel, WHM, WHMCS, WordPress, and more.


Following our tutorials, we will learn how to accomplish various hosting tasks.

How to perform specific settings, troubleshooting guides, and optimize websites for

maximum performance. For your websites and your clients (Hosting Resellers).

The information you will find on this page will be equally useful for Basic Webhosting

Clients and all our Respected Hosting Resellers, running their Hosting Businesses:


Work from home Selling Hosting is a Great Way to run a Business from the comfort

of your home. Since 2012 I have tried all kinds of things. To make money working

from home on my PC. Some things were profitable, others were not and turned out

to be a waste of time. And in some cases, it was also a complete waste of money I

could have spent better otherwise.


But at the time, I was Inexperienced and did not always make the best decisions.

With time, people learn. And above all: Learn to learn to not repeat the same or

similar mistakes. Mistakes should be left in the past. The sooner, the better it is.


Thank you for choosing MegaHost as your loyal Hosting, Reseller, cheap VPS and

Affordable High-Performance Dedicated Servers Provider. Welcome to MegaHost!


A Domain Name – And So You Start:

A Domain Name is a name that will be The Name of your Website. Therefore I highly

recommend choosing a suitable name, according to the content type and the audience

your website is all about. If you are a Reseller, for instance, you will want to choose a

name that contains the word: “host”, “hosting”, “server”, “servers”. The same “rules”

apply for all other types of Online Business Website / Blog / Tech Websites, etc.


This first step will also make sure your Domain’s SEO Ranking will be high and stand

out above many others. Choosing an Excellent (suitable, and smart) Domain Name is

Extremely Important. But in the end, it’s not the Domain Name that matters. It’s what

you make of it. Knowledge is your ticket to success. On this occasion, and in most.

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